7 odd foods that KILL your abdominal fat?

7 odd foods that KILL your abdominal fat?Mike Geary is ripped!  He may not be the MOST ripped person out there…But he’s not a professional bodybuilder or fitness model…and he’s fine with that!  He’s just a regular guy with average genetics.  In fact, he can actually get fat really fast if he ate like a typical American… and that’s no joke!  But what’s important is that he does NOT eat like an average person…and has actually learned to make healthy eating FUN… With this he stays very lean and in great shape year round despite having “average genetics”. Once again, it’s more important what you take in and what you do rather than your “genes”.

Mike’s passion is to show you how to eat delicious foods and still get super lean!  The truth is that you don’t have to eat a boring bland diet of dry chicken breasts and plain broccoli to get lean.  He’ll show you in his programs how he eats TONS of full fat foods like whole eggs, any and all nuts, meats, full-fat milk, grass-fed butter, coconut milk and oil, avocados, and more delicious foods and how this actually HELPS you to get leaner!   OK  you can quibble about some of this, but it works if you just want to get into shape!

Mike is the owner and author of TruthAboutAbs.com and several other popular fitness and health websites.  He’s authored the internationally best-selling ebook, The Truth about Six Pack Abs. Currently, The Truth about Six Pack Abs is the #1 ranked online Abdominals ebook in the world with over 539,000 readers in 163 countries to date.  That’s pretty impressive and he must be doing something right as the information keeps getting passed on by word of mouth as much as advertising.  So, learn more about his no-nonsense down to Earth approach. Read more…

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