THE System: How to Build Ripped, Shredded Muscle Fast Without Any Fat

THE System: How to Build Ripped, Shredded Muscle Fast Without Any FatThe Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer (SMM) System is a truly customized, unique, anabolic approach to nutrition. This is breakthrough nutritional software that when combined with proper weight training, packs-on pure shredded muscle in record time without any fat. It is designed to explode you through any muscle building plateau while staying lean and turning heads 365 days a year! Learn How…

SMM is EXACT and tailors anabolic nutrition for you in every way possible using 4 patented formulas. These 4 formulas took years of testing and tweaking with world renowned nutritionists, fitness models and big time bodybuilders to perfect. We customize the nutrition to everything about you; your age, weight, height, and metabolism. Most importantly, we customize the nutrition to your somatotype and your weight training regimen. SMM specifically allocates your calories and macronutrients throughout the day DEPENDING on when or if you’re working out. You will give your body exactly what it needs, when it needs it to build muscle without fat. We also customize your exact pre and post workout needs and takes advantage of the 2 anabolic windows you have every day that will take you from skinny to jacked in a hurry. On your off day’s from the gym, your recovery nutrition is custom structured to repair and rebuild broken down muscle tissue quickly.  Using unique calorie and macronutrient shifting techniques your muscle recovery is extremely rapid and muscle soreness is often 100 % eliminated. SMM provides easy to understand charts and graphs that track your transformation progress and will make sure you are on the fastest pace possible to your new, leaner, more muscular physique.

Basically SMM was made for the real weight trainer, not guys who want to half-heartedly workout or the weekend warrior. So SMM is for the guy that’s dead serious about creating a physique that demands respect, turns heads and separates them from the pack. That being said, SMM can greatly benefit beginning weight trainees if they are ready and able to work hard in the gym and follow SMM’s nutritional guidelines. Interested?
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