NEW! The Natural Thyroid Diet Expert advice from top Aussie Naturopath

NEW! The Natural Thyroid Diet Expert advice from top Aussie NaturopathAre you feeling tired, moody and even depressed some days? Is your skin and hair looking dull and lifeless? Are you experiencing significant hair loss? Do you feel the cold more than normal? And are you frustrated that you’re not losing weight with a healthy diet and exercise? If you answered “YES!” to most of these questions then it could be your thyroid.

An under active thyroid, or hypothyroidism as it is termed leads to inadequate thyroid hormone production. This can actually create a harmful ‘domino effect’ that leads to symptoms that impact on WHOLE BODY HEALTH.

A thyroid problem robs you of energy so you end up feeling lethargic and moody. You can get easily irritated, stressed out, and even down in the dumps some days.

Your memory and concentration can also be affected. It can make you feel like you’re living with a constant ‘brain fog’ where you end up doing things on auto pilot without being really aware of what you are doing. It can also cause diffuse hair loss which is a distressing consequence of an under active thyroid.

Not only that…an under active thyroid slows your metabolism to a crawl which causes weight gain even when you are exercising and eating well.

It’s no wonder an under active thyroid can cause symptoms that are downright frustrating. But the good news is there is HOPE, you don’t need to continue to suffer. You can begin to recover your thyroid health literally starting today.

My expert advice is available here today as I want to help YOU. Think of my e-book as a guiding light. This is the heart of my work. I want you to be informed, inspired and empowered to take action so you can end the heartbreaking struggle and frustration of dealing with an under active thyroid.

For many years I had my own private practice where I treated numerous clients suffering with hypothyroidism. Often these clients were extremely frustrated with mainstream medicine as they were finding it hard to get a proper diagnosis. Some even felt their symptoms were being downright ignored by their doctor especially when the thyroid TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) test was deemed ‘normal’. Many felt the synthetic thyroid medication was not making them feel any better.

For others, they had not been officially diagnosed but they related to a long list of thyroid symptoms. They knew intuitively something was not right and upon researching thyroid health things were starting to make more sense.

My clients felt such relief when they first met with me. Finally someone understood their thyroid problem! Now it’s your turn… think of this as a handy resource created especially for YOU. It’s everything I have gleaned from working with real people and my relentless research into thyroid health.

This is about getting absolutely clear on what you need to do to recover your thyroid health. With the right tools and information you can work wonders. I know you can – I have faith in how AMAZING you are.

“The Natural Thyroid Diet book has been so valuable to me in regards to the clear yet detailed information it gives on thyroid health. I now feel empowered and informed to take control of my own health and ask my GP for all of the tests necessary to pinpoint where my thyroid health is at.” Carmen S. Melbourne, Australia.

“I have found The Natural Thyroid Diet to be extremely helpful. I wish I had been able to access this type of information years ago! It is just so informative.” Sharon… Read more…

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