The 4 Cycle Solution

The 4 Cycle SolutionIn exactly 7 short days you will prime your body to strip your stubborn fat FASTER and EASIER than you’ve ever imagined. You’ll finally get the body you want with certainty and speed – all while ignoring ridiculous low carb fad diets with proven Carb Cycling strategies – even if you have "bad" genetics.

Dear friend, If you’re anything like me and the millions of other people out there who have ever had to deal with the pain and suffering that’s associated with dieting down, then you probably realize that fad diets can make you miserable. I’ve never met ANYONE who actually enjoys the process of constantly obsessing over food or being irritable and cranky because they’re cutting carbs or counting calories all the time. That’s because we all know that dieting down or going on a low carb crash diet can be BRUTAL. It’s very rare I meet someone who wants to constantly obsess over food and always be cranky in a bad mood because they’re dieting down or counting calories all the time. I think you’d probably agree that it gets old – FAST.

It’s just human nature for most of us. We automatically associate the word “dieting” with pain and we instantly link our favorite cheat foods with pleasure. When you’re dieting down or low carbing to lose weight there is no doubt you’re going to give up a lot of enjoyment in your life, so there’s naturally going to be quite a few painful consequences. Tell me if this sounds familiar…

This is what SUCKS about diets. And it’s because of these obvious reasons that we automatically associate misery and undesirable sacrifices with losing weight and burning fat. Even if you’re one of the millions of people that has radically damaged and altered your metabolism from years of inconsistency, eating unhealthy or yo-yo dieting…

The truth is that although there are thousands of weight loss plans that work, they’re specifically designed to be temporary. A short cut. A quick fix. That’s studies have shown over and over again that 95% of people who “diet” gain all (or more) of the weight back within one year of losing it. But – what if there was a way to make fat loss easier to stick with and enjoy? What if you could strategically eat carbs and cheat foods as your best fat burning friend and rid diets from your life – forever? Well I have some great news for you. You can. Believe it or not, you, me, everyone has astounding fat burning potential just waiting to be tapped. It’s NOT about genetic superiority or luck of the draw.

So sit back, relax, and dig in – because you’re about to discover an enjoyable solution that I use to stay at single digit body fat levels 365 days a year – WITHOUT “dieting”.

(Don’t know what that is? Keep reading and you’ll discover this unknown and under-the-radar method.)

We SACRIFICE our precious time and energy – bust our butt to follow a plan only to gain the weight back the second we try to live a normal life again. Or even worse yet – we could possibly end up heavier than when we originally started.

To survive, your body has to keep the amount of energy it takes in and the amount of energy it burns off in balance. The secret to conquering fast fat loss is to manipulate where your body gets its energy, and trick it into using fat as its… Read more…

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